Peter Pan Audition Information

Young Star Musical Theatre (YSMT) is seeking young actors to audition for its fall mainstage production. YSMT’s fall program offers a comprehensive opportunity for talented young actors to have the unique opportunity to perform on a professional stage. YSMT produces high-quality performances with children of all levels, no experience is necessary. 
Peter Pan features a robust cast of beloved ensemble characters; Pirates, Lost Boys, and
Neverland Indians. This timeless production provides a unique experience for each performer to explore and create memorable characters in an ensemble, developing invaluable skills to grow as an actor.

Full list of character available here!
This show will be double casted, meaning each performance may have different performers in each role.
Watch the video above to see the magic you can be a part of. All it takes is faith, trust, and pixie dust!

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We recommend watching part of the Broadway Peter Pan with Cathy Rigby. This will help with musicality so you’re familiar with the music. YouTube is your friend, and a valuable tool! The entire Cathy Rigby Peter Pan is available on YouTube.

Neverland or Distant Melody (to audition for Peter or Wendy) *Shows us vocal range
I Gotta Crow (to audition for a Lost Boy, Darling child, Pirate, Peter) *Shows us character!
Tender Shepherd (to audition for a Lost Boy, Darling child) *Shows us tenderness

**Please remember, you must sing with backing track (karaoke),
When you audition it is recommended that you sing an audition song from the show.

No a capella singing, everyone must sing with music. There will be an AUX cord, Wifi, and CD player available for use.

You will be invited to act out lines from the show
(available here, please memorize if you would like to be considered for a speaking role), show off your gymnastics, martial arts, or other talents!

Pantomime/Imagination​ -​ Be prepared to use your imagination and interact with imaginary things such as a butterfly or heavy object, and imaginary characters. This helps our casting coordinators see your best acting skills on demand. This is mostly for fun, again, there is no experience necessary to be a Young Star!
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